CCFC hosts Work-from-Home training

Argo Marketing staff working from in their Lewiston Facilities.

Argo Marketing staff working from in their Lewiston Facilities.

S.Paris- Community Concepts Finance Corporation (CCFC) is hosting a 2 week Work-from-Home training seminar put on by Argo Marketing and the South Paris Career Center at 17 Market Square, South Paris. The class will train applicants as Inbound Customer Service Communicators.  After completing the course attendees will have full-time or part-time work through Argo’s Work-from-Home program.

“Our greatest strength has always been the great work ethic of the people of Maine,” says Jason Levesque of Argo Marketing. “With our technological advances and growing client base we can reach even more great workers in areas outside of our brick and mortar locations of Lewiston and Pittsfield.”

A 2016 MainBiz survey reported three quarters of businesses responding indicated difficulty finding suitable applicants for open positions. In order to combat this private businesses and non-profits are coming together to promote new employment opportunities throughout Maine.

“Some of the largest impediments to employment in Maine are geography and transportation,” says Zakk Maher of CCFC. “Savvy employers like Argo, who normally locate in urban areas, are able to reach out to the rural employee market as labor shortages grow.”

Interested individuals can apply online at Participants will need to pre-register and complete a brief interview to reserve a spot.